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No matter how hard they try, your head will not explode

March 8, 2017

I've learned many new things since becoming a mother.....

Kids are gross

Kids are loud

I DO care about colouring inside the lines 

I have to know every stuffies name that has ever stepped foot in this house

Kids are gross

Kids are loud 

My skin is worse now than it was at 14 

I aged more in the last 5 years than I did in the previous 30 

Kids are gross.....like legit, I've had to ask Sarah to stop wiping her boogers on the wall.....why? 


Here we are today, it's been a hellish previous 2 days with Erin, after a middle of the night hospital run and the a follow up doctors appt the next day we learn she has CROUP, mother freaking croup.  If your kid hasn't had this consider yourself warned.....this is horrid. They can't breath, sleep, eat.....nothing! Regardless, the doctor says "I can't believe your oldest doesn't have it, it's soooooo contagious".....AND there is where he doomed me. 

5am rolls around and guess who's up.....

 It's been a long day, and as I write this I may or may not be drowning my sorrows in a glass (bottle) of wine.....they tried today, really hard too, but they did not manage to make my head explode #winning 


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