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That's a big f*@k#ng tree

March 16, 2017

In about 3 hours with Brad Dawe of Hell or High Water Tattoo I lost 18 years of my life....*poof*



You might be surprised to learn that after 18 years these symbols on my side (that likely say "this girl stinks) no longer hold such an amazing meaning for me. Nor does the butterfly I got at 16 to rebel, did you know that I chose the red colour to mark my ginger temper (angst)? God I was so cool 

Now that Celtic knot.....yes that's what it was.....I have a lot of bad tattoos BUT good god that one took the cake, it actually had a ton of meaning for me and my brother but I couldn't, I just couldn't look at the P.O.S* any longer. I actually got mad at my brother because his is nice and well done.....anyway adios P.O.S good riddance.  


*Urban Dictionary confirms the meaning of P.O.S as "any object, person, or other existing thing that works incorrectly, is too expensive, or just plain sucks.


"Meaning", why do you have to justify getting a tattoo by stating why it means something to you? I was shocked to catch myself coming up with reasons for wanting a tree tattoo, *Ah they provide air? *Their roots run deep OR my personal fav *I love christmas...GAWD *eye roll*...why isn't I just like it enough? 


Really that's it, I had few options when it comes to covering up the whole right side of my body, so I picked this really big F*@k#ng tree and it's beautiful. 


Thank you Brad 




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