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Turn it up!

June 3, 2017


    For as long as I can remember I have been one of those people that is really effected by music.

SURE! we all hear it! But do we all listen? (no, the answer is no) 


Our summers were spent at the family farm where Grandma always had Conway Twitty on in the kitchen, Uncle Glenn would have something we probably weren't allowed to listen to on in the basement.....Slippery when wet has always stuck out in my head.... 

And Grandpa wrote songs about Grandma speeding her way across North America in a minivan, Lead Foot Granny was the name and I WISH I had a link for it!  Grandpa's got this cool story telling song voice like the one and only Mr. Cash.


I can vividly remember sitting in the trunk of my parents SUV screaming my lungs out to Life is a Highway 

or changing the lyrics to songs to reflect my NEED to have a puppy....This is how my parents will truly understand me I thought.....I got a dog SO maybe it did work (I wonder if that would work on my husband?) 


I can be transported through time with just one note, suddenly I'm laying on the couch to drunk to move when Brian Wilson comes on.  Some of the happiest moments of my life happen to song, and maybe the saddest too. Driving home from my Nanny's funeral may have been sad but it's even worse with 3 people who show no emotion, so crank The Hip and stammer over Little Bones with your Dad and your Bro to get you through. 


I didn't fall into working with music, I wanted to be a journalist but my guidance counsellor flat out refused "with a voice like that, you can't waste it" (I'll admit I didn't know what he meant) , and then he was right! I am luck enough to catch snip its of songs here and there as I extro one and intro others but sometimes all I need is to hear 3 seconds of Manic Monday to be taken away "6 oclock already, I was just in the middle of a dream"


I got my first discman the summer of '96, Mom, Dad, Jeremy, the dog and I all loaded into a Ford Bronco and headed from Ontario to California to visit my Grandpa Al. I had saved my money and knew how much cheaper it would be to buy something in the States! Score! I was getting a Discman (not a shockwave, come on, I was only 14 NOT rich) Not only did I buy that though....I bought The Counting Crows August and Everything After!  Man, I bet nobody in the family knew how bad my singing voice was before that long ass drive back home. 


I could go on and on about songs and how they've broke me, (George Canyon, Your Name)  spoke to me, (Kings of Leon, Revelry) became a Wedding Song, (Unwritten Law, Rest of My Life) pushed me, (Florence + The Machine, Heartlines)  BUT here is where the difference happens....Yes I like the "sound" of music but I don't actually hear the music....I only hear lyrics, I don't care who is singing them or what they go to....talk to me, write for me, lay it all out on the line.  My husband hears the music, he hears the beat and the heart and soul in the drum solos. You will forever catch him tapping out a beat and me humming the words in the background cause lets face it, I never learned to sing. 


Blessed are the few that can hear both, I know I'm not alone in the way music hits me, nor are you. 

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