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Going Vegetarian (It ain't pretty)

August 31, 2017

Aug 31st, a day I'll never forget....not just because it is our Wedding Anniversary but now it has a new meaning....the anniversary of the last day I ate meat, a lovely juicy 8oz strip-loin (med rare, fine spices, horseradish)    STOP IT TOSH!! 



A good question to ask at this time is WHY?!  Where's the beef? Is she starving to death? 



I.  For years have been trying to "Eat Right for my Blood type" I'm an AB+ which turns out has a hard time digesting meat (except lamb BAAAAAA

2.  Not in my belly 

3. Not starving, not even close BUT there are some other adverse side effects that I never even thought would happen.....



ZITS ZITS ZITS.....one more for good measure ZITS

- My face has NEVER in all my life looked like a pizza, I am now a double order of pepperoni. Lets not talk about my back too, a place I'd never think I'd get zits and yet there they are.  I am the cliche 14 year old version of myself at 35 without the bonus of collagen and elasticity. 


Look at it would you? Just look at it....could have used some mascara but I digress 


Now I realise this doesn't happen to everyone but there has to be some level of hormone detox. I had at least 34 years of meat eating under my belt (I fancied myself a pro meatatarian btw) So my best guess was that this is what was happening WHICH then scared me more! If my body, 3 full months later still looks this way from the outside imagine what all that grossness was doing on the inside. 


 Honestly I'm happy for that distraction to keep me off the meat and here's why, I don't see an issue with eating animals. Maybe someday, but I honestly don't the issue with meat eating. Would anyone make such a stink if people ate more bugs? doubt it. See how I could easily fall back to my meaty ways? I'm still pro meat...

And frankly eating chicken was kinda my sweet sweet victory over those disgusting demon vultures. 

 (actual file footage Tosh 11 years old) 


Fast forward, it's now Jan.

One can suggest I've been waiting to finish this post until my face finally cleared, so ya lets go with that. It certainly cannot have anything to do with me forgetting I was writing it


My face did finally clear though.....

Long story short, has it been worth it?

For me, YES 

I feel better 

I am less tired 

I have learned to cook better

and likely the biggest win is moving my only meat and potato hubs into a weekly if not twice a week meatless meal! ----If that's not winning I don't know what is 


Check in   yearly, I might have another blog post up by then.....


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