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This is me

February 28, 2018

I've spent 35 years trying to change this body of mine, like it's never been good enough


This body I was given has bled for me, broken bones, grown, shrunk.....consumed too much on early Jamaican mornings.....and who we kidding, late nights....middays (Guys, I might drink too much

BEFORE kids of course,  I won't tell you what year this picture was taken for fear you'll do the math. 



This body has been tattooed and pierced FAR more than necessary, (Guess you were right Mom)


it's ran countless kilometres, I almost want to put that in quotes..."ran" cause there has been the fair share of walking too....since roughly 12 months old 


I've been pregnant 5 times, been thru 3 labours and 2 births of giant babies....   

1 unintentionally NONmedicated birth OUCH .....side note to pregos or wanna be pregos...lay off the chocolate milk, I will forever blame my big babies on that.

It's been 35 years of taking a beating from me....35 years of staring in the mirror and complaining, not liking what I see. 

After all these years of being my one constant, the only thing who has always been there for me AND I still did not see it! 


Be proud of yourself!  Sit back and think of all the BS you've put those two legs through.  We need to stop talking this support system for granted. Love your body and all it does for you....do it, right now,

give yourself a hug.


No matter how hard you work to change it, no matter how much grief you give yourself for not looking how you "want" to look, it will ALWAYS be there for you. 


35 years of wishing for something else and never once did this body tell me no, never did it stop me, never did it give up and stop trying for me. IT pushed through and IT carried me. 


35 years of searching and I've been here all along 


*writers note...I wrote this when I was 35....in case you missed it 

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