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Go Smudge Yourself

July 28, 2018

There is this place not far from you I'm sure, a place where as a child you roamed care free and happy. 


Today I walked down a path that took me back 25 years, no, I didn't grow up here but it transported me. 



Fields of freedom and wheat up to my shoulders.  Wild flowers blooming and air that smells of love


I walked into this place with a mind free from anything, I had spent the morning with a great friend and teacher at Earthwhims.  Jacquie not only provided amazing conversation but also allowed me the time to be me. She helped me in a major task I'm taking on, a task I'm calling "ME". 






A treatment with Jacquie is comforting, relaxing and friendly. You know there is no judgement. She is a person who only thinks of others.  I've known Jacquie for years actually, when Earthwhims was still back in PEI. Come to think about it, I've known Jacquies energy longer than I've known her.  Her home was offered to us gang of girls years ago to take a weekend away. It was her house that for the first time I was grounded....literally, don't worry someone didn't send me to my room...mind you it was a girls weekend and I likely should have been cut off long before I was, but that's for a different blog. 


I walked around this PEI property and could see the beauty but it was the love, patience and hope that radiated from it that effected me most. 


No surprise that when I met up with her at Earthwhims NB, the grounds would be just as sacred. There is an "air" about her that you simply must try for yourself. 


On this particular day Jacquie treated me with Healing Touch energy therapy,  balancing your energetic template and your body's chakras to bring you into a state of ultimate self healing....then she says,  "I also smudged you."  OH! Well, I've been a lot of things, don't think smudged ever made that list before. 






I climbed the berm and looked out over the wonder that is this powerful river and felt happy and at that moment, full. I didn't want to turn back, I wanted to stay in the sunshine and warmth that is Earthwhims. The bugs, well they didn't want me to turn back either. 




Here's more about Earthwhims 





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