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1 in 4

October 9, 2018

We are 1 in 4, 

That's one in four of your friends losing pregnancies or infants.


Seems like more than 1 in 4 doesn't it? 


That's how I have been feeling lately, and it's more painful each time you hear it, we've been there, we've felt the pain our friends are now feeling. It's horrible and tragic and frankly its unfair. 


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, September is Mayson's birth month. The guilt, the loss, the unknown hits me hard each fall. 


Do you know who Mayson is? She's the girl who changed me, she's the girl who made me. I say she came to create the Taylor family, to bring us these awesome two little girls. She also came to give me the Strength of a Mother, the Courage to grow up and the Wisdom of someone who doesn't look back. 


She was born Sept 19th 2006 and I started in radio Nov 11th 2006, she gave me this life. One that for too long a avoided out of fear. 


I was speaking recently with a girlfriend of mine that sadly just recently lost her baby at 21 weeks gestation in a situation far too similar to my own. She said "I didn't think I would be grieving so much." to which I responded "I didn't think I'd be grieving this long."  


You DO heal though! But when you awaken, you are different. You love harder and bigger and stronger.  You are going to get there friends, take it one day at a time. There are many avenues you can use to help you heal: talk to your loved ones, talk to a therapist, meditation, maybe you pick up a new hobby.  It's easy for me to say now, that you can do all these things but this is coming from the girl who held it in for 10 years, and if you need to hold it in, do that too. Right now you need to do you. 


Whatever it is remember that there are always people out there going through a loss as well, join them. We are stronger together.

Sunday Oct 14th is the Walk To Remember Moncton. It was here that I discovered I wasn't alone, where something as simple as a hug from another Mom helped change me.  It takes strength and courage but together we can heal. 


Hope to see you there Sunday 










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